New York Fashion Week 2017


As I am writing this blog I’m about 30,000 feet in the air on my way to New York Fashion Week. I wasn’t sure if I was going to even make it there. I got my funding from the family who didn’t want me to miss this opportunity. Thanks, Gerry and Richard! So now I’m on the move. But this storm looks like I might be delayed for awhile but I’m praying that I can get some shots on the first day. I’m going to miss some of the designers but hopefully, I will get the rest tonight. By the way, did I tell you guys that I don’t like to fly? I am sitting here thinking to myself why I don’t like to fly and it just occurred that the reason is I’m not in control. I can’t see what’s going on, nor guide the plane, or listen to what they are talking about. Yes, what a pilot speaks about lets me know how serious he or she takes their job. But my biggest worry is the maintenance of the aircraft. I was in the Air Force and worked on helicopters and I know a good mechanic when I meet one. He takes pride in his work knows people lives are counting on him or her. So I think before each takes off the person working the planes should be there to greet the passengers. Ok, I know that’s asking a lot still it’s just a thought. Well I finally landed and rushed to Madison Square Garden Theatre were the fashion show was held. It was a great experience and the designers were amazing. So here are some of the photos of fashion week New York. By the way, it was so cold!!! No more winter trips to New York.LOL!!! Thanks, Style Fashion Week!!!

Designer: Richard Hallmarq


Designer: Eddie Eddie by Billy Tommy

Photo Credit: Gordon Miller Photography



New York fashion week 

Hey everybody, I know it’s been some time since I’ve hit my blog but I’m back. So the question is have you ever had something happen to you and you don’t know how to put it into words? I mean this is one of those moments in my life that I’m pretty happy about. I remember when I played football and was selected to be on the starting defense. It was a great feeling and a huge accomplishment for a 4th grader. And I also can recall when I was in love for the first time and found out that she felt the same way I did. And when she gave me her number and a kiss I was on cloud nine because she was the prettiest girl in 8th grade. There was the time when my son Philip was born and I held him for the first time, he was so small yet he instantly became the biggest part of my life. Then Caleb was born and he was my little thinker, I mean even as a baby you could see he was trying to figure things out. Not like most kids who tried to open a bottle or something but he was looking at the stars, plants, the fur on animals, I mean things that a six-year-old shouldn’t be thinking about. But by far my best moment was when my mother was fighting cancer and after her dialysis, she was so weak that she couldn’t get out of the car. So I open the car door and took the seatbelt off and carried my mom into the house. And on the way to the house, she said “thank you son”, and put her head on my chest. That was my proudest moment in my life. To be there for the woman who for years took care of me and the feeling of dependability. Showing love not just with words but with my actions. I now have another moment to share.


I just got my registration email for New York Fashion Week 2017. As a freelance photographer, this is huge! Because I don’t have a big name magazine sponsoring me like Elle, Vogue, New York times, GQ, and many others. This is just because I’m a good photographer. OK, I think I am, is that so wrong. I’ve got over the first hurdle and now I have to come up with the funds to get there. Being in San Diego I am literally on the other side of the country. But I have the will and determination to make this happen. So my Blog friends keep me in your prayers and hopefully, the next blog you read will have my New York Fashion Week 2017 photos attached to it. Thanks.


By Gordon

Style Fashion Week

There are times in life when you are glad to be you where the mere thought of you brings a slight smile on your face. Not vanity by any means but just an understanding that it’s good to be me. When you may be happy just to be healthy or to be married or single . You woke up and said to yourself “self, you are alive and you are doing good today”. And as long as you don’t answer your own questions, you are right. Well as I’m sitting here at the Pacific Design Center waiting for LA Fashion week to start I’m glad to be me. This was my first time shooting FWLA and I was pretty excited about it. When I got my confirmation email I called my best friend and was like “we are going to Fashion Week!!!” Ok, I know for some of you it’s a bunch of people who like clothing that get together and say let’s wear purple this year. And then you see purple in every designer’s clothing line. Well, that is true, but for a solo photographer, this was huge. We drove up from San Diego and it’s been great, the first thing we did was get a hot pastrami sandwich from Tams Hamburgers and Pastrami in Long Beach. Ok, that has nothing to do with fashion week but I got the sandwich anyway. Now back to LAFW. The location was awesome and the designers brought out their best tonight. And if you’ve ever been to a fashion show whether it’s big or small, you get all kinds. LOL! So here is my photographic experience of Style Fashion Week.


Love @ First Sight


I was in the 8th grade when I first saw Romeo and Juliet at the Old Globe Theatre in San Diego. I can remember the feeling of euphoria as Romeo saw Juliet for the first time. Here is an excerpt from Romeo and Juliet Act I scene five. “Did my heart love till now? forswear it, sight! For I ne’er saw true beauty till this night.” This was William Shakespeare depiction of love at first sight. That’s the way I felt the first time I saw Territa Torres collection at FWSD 2015 and it was love at first sight. And as William Shakespeare also said “she is a snowy dove amongst crows” and he is right, Territa definitely stands out in the crowd and especially on the runway. You can’t help to be captivated by her style. She is an excellent fashion designer, whose modernist thought, practical design, and the pursuit of expensive simplicity makes her an important and influential figure in San Diego fashion and growing. Here is my interview with Territa.



Lion Sight: In a short summary, who is Territa Torres?

Territa Torres: I am a Native (proud member of the Mono Tribe) /Mexican American woman who served 9 years in the United States Navy and is now a proud Veteran. I learned to sew while in school at the Art Institute of California – San Diego. My mother tried to teach me to sew but was no match against video games and outside activities with friends.

Lion Sight: How long have you been a designer?

Territa Torres: I graduated AICASD 2013, which is when I referred to myself as a designer.

Lion Sight: What’s the best part of being a business owner/ designer?

Territa Torres: I am currently working on being a full fledge business owner, but the designer aspect has been quite grand. I love going to museums, they are a great place to be in order to wake the creative mind.

Lion Sight: Were you ready or expecting to win 1st place in this years FWSD?

Territa Torres: It was on my mind to try and obtain that prestigious spot but I was not expecting to win. I saw quite a few designers with some pretty interesting pieces.






Lion Sight: Without revealing your source (wink wink) how do you select the materials you used?

Territa Torres: Research. I do a lot of trend research then I take to LA and collect samples for fabrics, notions etc. Once I decide on the items I want, I go back and barter and haggle for prices. That’s a fun part of design as well.

Lion Sight:What skills are important for a career in fashion?

Territa Torres: Speaking, I have the skills to sew up a beautiful garment but if I cannot speak at Designer Meetings the garment will never be seen. I remember my first designer appointment with Fashion Week San Diego and I refused to let my nerves get the best of me. I also just recently had my first on television live interview with Fox 5 and I was a stuttering Shirley trying to say my elevator pitch but I refused to let it hinder me and kept at it.

Lion Sight:Are there any other fashion shows that you are going to be apart of?

Territa Torres: Yes quite a few. I would love to participate in Phoenix Fashion Week, Atlanta Fashion Week, Vancouver Fashion Week, Fashion Week Mexico, Shanghai Fashion Week, Madrid Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Small Boutique Fashion Week etc all before finally showcasing in Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.

Lion Sight: What is your design philosophy?

Territa Torres: To make sure my designs are always moving the brand forward with the times.

Lion Sight: Every designer is different but how do you stay up to date with fashion?

Territa Torres: Same response as everyone in business. Research. I watch fashion news, fashion documentaries, read fashion blogs from aspiring and renowned bloggers. Talk shop with fellow designers, Makeup artist, hair stylist…Ease drop on people at the checkout counters for things they are unhappy with etc.

Lion Sight: Where do you find inspiration? What makes Territa want to sew?

Territa Torres: Museums mostly are my go to place. I try to envision a painting with my design aesthetic and I merge trends in my mind. When I finally have something I like, I sketch it. Once it is sketched I can move on to sewing it up.

Lion Sight:What other talents do you have that help you as a designer?

Territa Torres: In the Navy I was an Information Technician, I learned how to problem solve, if a pattern, sewing machine, computer application is not working I can trouble shoot until it is fully functional again.

Lion Sight: How would you relate past and present fashion trends?

Territa Torres: Pleats were seen in a few high end design houses and currently some designers used pleats in small innovated ways. We are currently on trend!

Lion Sight: Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Territa Torres: I see Territa Torres as a successful brand. Sold in boutiques and a few chains.

Lion Sight: How would someone order your designs?

Territa Torres: They are available on line they are made to order. Once my team gets the order it will take 2 weeks for a turn around.


Photo credit: 656 Photography

Photo Credit: Lion Sight Photography

Designer of the Week

So what is fashion? That’s a simple question, right? The answer you get all depends on who you ask. Ask that question to a high school student and fashion is who you are, your style, or your social status. If you ask this same question to a businessman or woman and they might say it’s the level of professionalism and success. But for me, fashion is constantly changing and yet it remains the same. This is what I learned from working with this amazing designer who is beautiful, young, and brilliantly outspoken. She has stayed true to the culture of fashion but has made her own style and impact on fashion in San Diego.
This is my interview with Fantha Tate owner of Thirty1Fashions this past weekend.





Lion Sight: Bella

Fantha: Gordon

Lion Sight: How long have you been a designer?
Fantha: 3 1/2 years
Lion Sight : When did you know you could even be a designer?
Fantha: When God directed me to buy a sewing machine.
Lion Sight: Do you have a website?
Fantha : I do not currently have a web site, however my fashion is displayed on FaceBook as well as Instagraham. Orders are taken through each of those sites as of now.
Lion Sight: Who is your favorite designer?
Fantha : BALMAIN is absolutely my favorite designer!! His eye for the amazing cuts to his garments complement a woman’s figure beautifully.
Lion Sight: Where do you hope to be in 5 years?
Fantha: I hope to be a fully functional business woman that meets the needs of encouraging woman spiritually, mentally, physically and creating a legacy of virtue that will forever change woman’s fashion and lifestyle.

Lion Sight: Have you ever been featured in a fashion show?

Fantha: Yes I have featured in fashions shows and I am currently available for booking.
Lion Sight: How can someone get your clothing line?
Fantha: I have contact information posted on my FaceBook as well as Instagraham sites.




Photo Credit: Lion Sight Photography

Who Doesn’t Have A Sweet Tooth?

believe most nutritionists are correct that breakfast is the most important meal, and my weakness is a caramel macchiato, no foam with whip cream, extra caramel, and a cheese danish. I’m now on a fitness goal and still need to lose 20 pounds by December. Having a healthy diet is essential and there is nothing wrong with a sweet treat every now and then. And this is where Heavenly Hosts Sweets and Treats has cornered the market in San Diego.
Who doesn’t love candy? I can remember my father giving me a dollar and the excitement of what I could do with it. Back then I could get some now & laters, chick-O-stick, Hershey bar, and still, have enough for one game of donkey kong. Do you remember that feeling that candy gave you, whether it was for good behavior in school or just to satisfy your sweet tooth we all love candy? Heavenly Host brings back all those childhood memories of a carefree life, that summer where you and your bestie went swimming every day. The fun times of walking home from school or riding the school bus and the laughter of a time long past. If you want to treat yourself to a wonderful experience I recommend you contact Shaunnie Lewis owner of Heavenly Hosts Sweets and Treats.



Lion Sight: Hello Ms. Lewis
Shaunnie: Hi, Mr. Gordon

Lion Sight: How long have you been in business?
Shaunnie: Heavenly Host was established in 2010.

Lion Sight: How did you come up with the name heavenly host?
Shaunnie: The name Heavenly Hosts was given to me by God. Much prayer went into finding a name that represented the relationship I have with Him and His true presence in this endeavor.

Lion Sight: What’s the best part of being a business owner?

Shaunnie:The best part of being a business owner is being able to set my own schedule. I am a single mother juggling family life and business life. Setting a calendar and not punching a clock is truly the best blessing in being a business owner for me.

Lion Sight: What keeps you motivated?

Shaunnie: I am motivated by the visions God constantly feeds me for design and His promises for success that are constantly confirmed.

Lion Sight: Why are you choosing to do what you’re doing?
Shaunnie: I choose to do what I am doing because it is what God has gifted me to do. When I stay in my lane, which is His lane, I succeed. There’s nothing greater than getting to show Him off! These gifts and talents are God-given and I dare not sit on them or choose another way.

Lion Sight: What was your biggest mistake and how did you handle it?
Shaunnie: I’m certain I haven’t made my biggest mistake in business yet, but what I’ve done more than once is undercharged for the vision set by the client and lost money. Heavenly Hosts aims to please and this mistake has been a loss to Heavenly Hosts. Thank God for being the God of 2nd, 3rd & 1,000,000th chances! I have learned to seek wisdom in all I quote & in all I deliver.

Lion Sight: What is the relationship between what you’re doing this year in your business and last year?
Shaunnie: I have expanded the business to vending this year. It has helped to greater expose Heavenly Hosts to a much larger audience.

Lion Sight: Give an example of a time when you exceeded expectations.
Shaunnie: Heavenly Hosts seeks to exceed the expectations of the client in every endeavor, large or small. 1 example: A few months ago I had a client with a very small budget decorating a party of #60. With what they gave, they expected table decor only. I was able to deliver and set up table decor, custom personalized party favors for each guest & a ‘selfie’ photo station with props, backdrop and custom frame. The customer was well-pleased and grateful. It doesn’t take a lot to have a lot!

Lion Sight: Why should someone hire you?

Shaunnie: Someone who wants the best should hire the best! My designs come straight from Him and there is no one greater. If the client wants original, polished and professional designs, HEAVENLY HOSTS is definitely the company to call!

Lion Sight: Where do you see yourself in the next two to three years?

Shaunnie: In the next 2 years HH will continue vending, decorating/designing events, simply getting our name out to the public. By year 3, it is our desire to open up a storefront full of baskets, sweet treats & gifts for all occasions.



Photos Credit: Lion Sight Photography


When you hear the name “Balmain” you think more than Kim K. But it speaks style, sophistication, glamor, old Hollywood, and lots of color. I was unaware of the Balmain line of clothing until a designer friend of mine (Thirty1fashions) kept talking about how great his style was and the use of color and different fabrics. Here is a little history about the Balmain name, thanks Wikipedia.

In the late 1930s, he served in the French air force and the army pioneer corps. After peace was declared, he worked at Lucien Lelong and opened his own fashion house under his name. He released his first collection in 1945 and his first fragrance in 1949. While at Lelong, he met Christian Dior, a designer who would play a huge role in Balmain’s career and the postwar fashion industry in general.

Now I’ll let the photos speak for themselves.


Photo Credit: Unkown

Check out his Fashion Show.

Fashion Week San Diego 2016

Better Late Than Never

Yes, I know this post is really late but it’s here now. Fashion Week San Diego held it’s annual spring fashion show at Harrah’s Casino in Valley Center and as usual we had a great time. Fashion Week San Diego wrapped up several months ago, but great style never really leaves San Diego. So many independent fashion designers, amid the design centers, and school of fashion are here in this great city. On an average day, the fashions on its residents are enviably cool in a kicked-back southern California way. But when the fashion week descends on this city, it makes for serious street-style spotting.

Go to

Check out the photos of some of the designers.

Photo Credit: Lion Sight Photography