Style Fashion Week

There are times in life when you are glad to be you where the mere thought of you brings a slight smile on your face. Not vanity by any means but just an understanding that it’s good to be me. When you may be happy just to be healthy or to be married or single . You woke up and said to yourself “self, you are alive and you are doing good today”. And as long as you don’t answer your own questions, you are right. Well as I’m sitting here at the Pacific Design Center waiting for LA Fashion week to start I’m glad to be me. This was my first time shooting FWLA and I was pretty excited about it. When I got my confirmation email I called my best friend and was like “we are going to Fashion Week!!!” Ok, I know for some of you it’s a bunch of people who like clothing that get together and say let’s wear purple this year. And then you see purple in every designer’s clothing line. Well, that is true, but for a solo photographer, this was huge. We drove up from San Diego and it’s been great, the first thing we did was get a hot pastrami sandwich from Tams Hamburgers and Pastrami in Long Beach. Ok, that has nothing to do with fashion week but I got the sandwich anyway. Now back to LAFW. The location was awesome and the designers brought out their best tonight. And if you’ve ever been to a fashion show whether it’s big or small, you get all kinds. LOL! So here is my photographic experience of Style Fashion Week.



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