Designer of the Week

So what is fashion? That’s a simple question, right? The answer you get all depends on who you ask. Ask that question to a high school student and fashion is who you are, your style, or your social status. If you ask this same question to a businessman or woman and they might say it’s the level of professionalism and success. But for me, fashion is constantly changing and yet it remains the same. This is what I learned from working with this amazing designer who is beautiful, young, and brilliantly outspoken. She has stayed true to the culture of fashion but has made her own style and impact on fashion in San Diego.
This is my interview with Fantha Tate owner of Thirty1Fashions this past weekend.





Lion Sight: Bella

Fantha: Gordon

Lion Sight: How long have you been a designer?
Fantha: 3 1/2 years
Lion Sight : When did you know you could even be a designer?
Fantha: When God directed me to buy a sewing machine.
Lion Sight: Do you have a website?
Fantha : I do not currently have a web site, however my fashion is displayed on FaceBook as well as Instagraham. Orders are taken through each of those sites as of now.
Lion Sight: Who is your favorite designer?
Fantha : BALMAIN is absolutely my favorite designer!! His eye for the amazing cuts to his garments complement a woman’s figure beautifully.
Lion Sight: Where do you hope to be in 5 years?
Fantha: I hope to be a fully functional business woman that meets the needs of encouraging woman spiritually, mentally, physically and creating a legacy of virtue that will forever change woman’s fashion and lifestyle.

Lion Sight: Have you ever been featured in a fashion show?

Fantha: Yes I have featured in fashions shows and I am currently available for booking.
Lion Sight: How can someone get your clothing line?
Fantha: I have contact information posted on my FaceBook as well as Instagraham sites.




Photo Credit: Lion Sight Photography


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